Chip's Challenge 1 & 2

I am very glad to know that the Chips Challenge now goes public.


I firstly played the game CC1 in the midt 90', and it have followed me since then.


I made my first homepage, because I want to made at place where other payers could download homemade level sets.


I was so lucky that I got the Chips Challenge 2 form Chuck Sommerville, but I could not be public about it for så many years, but now I just have found out that CC2 was a reality, and I was very happy to know that.


I was known as "anne from denmark" so maybe other players recognice me.


Well I will for now made ny new homepage intigrated in my old or the other way round.


I have made several levels to the Chips Challenge 2 and will upload them, and maybe other have some levels to swap. Well maybe this isen't the update way to do it.


My old welcome text:


Welcome to Chips Challenge Homepage Denmark. The inspiration, and part of the contents comes from some of the great people at the newsgroup that is related to this game. There are a lot of activities going on there. The help is near if you need it. New levels to CC1 is released. Talking about highscores and small programmes makes it even more interesting to play this great game.